Upper East Side Mikvah Information
The Rennert Mikvah at Fifth Avenue Synagogue
5 East 62nd Street | NYC (between Madison Ave & Fifth Ave)
Contact: Esther Abrahamson (212) 753-6058 | |
The Mikvah has a private entrance from the street, to the left of the Synagogue’s main entrance, behind the menorah statue.

The Jacques and Hanna Schwalbe Mikvah at Chabad of the Upper East Side
419 East 77th Street | NYC (between First Ave & York Ave)
Contact: Sara Wasserman (212) 359-2020 | (212) 359-1741 | |

Manhattan Eruv Information 
For Eruv status updates and a detailed map of the areas served by the Eruv

Sephardic Bikur Holim of Manhattan
SBH Meaningful Meals – A division of SBH Manhattan that delivers home cooked meals to those in the hospital/ rehabilitation center recovering from illness or surgery. For more information, or to volunteer to prepare meals contact or 347-525-3518.

Manhattan Kosher Food Establishment Information (updated October 20, 2017)

KJ Kosher Establishment Listing
Oheb Zedek Kosher Establishment Listing

Shaatnez Testing, Tallit and Tzitzit Organic Dry Cleaning and Repairs
Casa Organic Cleaners / Morris Organic Dry Cleaners and Custom Tailoring
435 East 86th Street | NYC  (between First Ave and York Ave)
Contact: (212) 828-5681 | |
Free pick ups and delivery in NYC | All members of the congregation will receive 15% discount always.
Shaatnez Testing, Tallit and Tzitzit Organic Dry Cleaning and Repairs

Manhattan Mezuza Checking
A&S Mezuzot (917)-566-5337
Available to check Mezuzot in NYC Offices & Apartments

Mourners’ Needs – Shiba Furniture, Siddurim etc.  (718) 854-4548

Valuable Resources for Your Convenience

Hebrew Interactive Calendar, Date Converter
Comprehensive resource for halachic times
United Kashrut Authority


Archeological Park of King David’s City
The Western Wall

Sephardic Resources
Sephardic Genealogy Resources
American Sephardi Federation
Bet Yahdut Sefarad