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Shabbat Afternoon Class

The Illusion of Small
Shabbat Afternoon Class 
with Rabbi Shlomo Farhi
Saturday, August 24th, at 5:55 pm

For Men & Women​

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The Power of Prayer Event Photos

What an amazing turnout we had at our Power of Women's Prayer Event this week! Over 200 women joined Rabbi Shlomo Farhi for an inspiring class!

Thank you to Julie & Steven Montague for their incredible hospitality, The Marcus Family for sponsoring the beautiful Shema' Kolenu Women's Siddurim and Ceilee Sitt, Ruth Tawil, Renata Marcus, Debbie Gindi, Mariel Tawil, Shirley Cohen, and Tanya Cohen for all of their hardworking in making the event a huge success!

Check out our photos...

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Putting the Pieces Back Together

We had a Tisha B'Ab record breaker!! Over 300 people joined us at the synagogue, and close to 10,000 views of the livestream, to hear our incredible lineup of speakers! Now it's time to take the broken pieces of our people and start to rebuild! May we merit to see Mashiah soon!

If you missed it, you can watch the recordings here:
Rabbi Shlomo Farhi
Rabbi Ari Bensoussan​
Rabbi Lawrence Hadjioff​
Charlie Harary
Rabbi Moshe Levy​
Rabbi Ariel Mizrahi
Rabbi Meir Sultan

Thank you to each of our speakers for their inspiring messages, the Daniella Moffson Foundation for sponsoring the incredible learning in Daniella's a"h memory and Torah Anytime for all of the work they put in to make sure our message got out!

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