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High Holiday Seat Reservations

We are currently selling seats in the Main Sanctuary and Small Sanctuary (Midrash) Only. 

Seat reservations will only be accepted via our website. It is imperative that you make your High Holy Days seat reservations early to obtain the seats you desire. Seats will be reserved on a first come, first served basis. Once a seat has been reserved, the Synagogue office will not be able to override the selection and reassign the seat to another person. 

Please note, payment of all outstanding balances to the Synagogue is required before confirming any seat reservations.

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SUPERSIZE Your High Holidays

This. Is. BIG. 

Make your Rosh HaShanah EPIC! These four Chazak speakers will deliver powerful messages for 30 minutes each at this monumental event! Each one is guaranteed to inspire and motivate you to have your best Rosh HaShanah ever, or your money back! 

Bold claim? We don't think so. 
(It's free!) 

Join Chazak at the Edmond J. Safra Synagogue of NYC on Monday, September 23rd at 7pm to score your seat!
If you can't make it here in person, fear not. We'll be streaming this event all around the world LIVE on Torah Anytime!

We couldn't have made this event possible without our generous sponsors!
Our Torah Learning and Berakhot have been sponsored
in loving memory of Ruth bat Frieda 'A"H
by Ester & Joseph Jerome

for the refuah shelema of Esther Miriam bat Rachel
leilui nismat Moshe Haim ben Elazar 'A"H
and for all of the singles to find their zivugim
by Ben Khakshoor

in loving memory of Esther bat Sofia 'A"H
by Barbara & Joseph Safdieh

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Putting the Pieces Back Together

We had a Tisha B'Ab record breaker!! Over 300 people joined us at the synagogue, and close to 10,000 views of the livestream, to hear our incredible lineup of speakers! Now it's time to take the broken pieces of our people and start to rebuild! May we merit to see Mashiah soon!

If you missed it, you can watch the recordings here:
Rabbi Shlomo Farhi
Rabbi Ari Bensoussan​
Rabbi Lawrence Hadjioff​
Charlie Harary
Rabbi Moshe Levy​
Rabbi Ariel Mizrahi
Rabbi Meir Sultan

Thank you to each of our speakers for their inspiring messages, the Daniella Moffson Foundation for sponsoring the incredible learning in Daniella's a"h memory and Torah Anytime for all of the work they put in to make sure our message got out!

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