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Prayer Schedule

Check out our at home prayer schedule!

Friday Zoom Minha: 
We will be hosting a Zoom Shir HaShirim and Minha prayer tonight at 6:00 pm. Prayers will begin at 6:00 pm sharp. Please log in 5 minutes early to ensure we can begin on time. Join the Zoom Friday Minha here
Rosh Hodesh Sivan begins Saturday night, May 23rd and is celebrated through Sunday, May 24th.
Shabuot begins Thursday night, May 28th and is celebrated through Shabbat, May 30th.

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Lag LaOmer Recordings

This past Tuesday night we had a beautiful night traveling through history and learning about the great scholars and leaders of our past in celebration of Lag LaOmer!
Watch Rabbi Shlomo Farhi's special Lag LaOmer Message!

Our incredibly talented Hazan Shmuel Levy recorded some beautiful songs in front of the Lag LaOmer candles with the musicians that joined us for the event. 
Yifrah VeYirbee
Yerushalyim She Zahav
Shamah Or Nafshi

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We've Gone Virtual

We're growing our online class schedule every week!

Check out what we have going on next week May 24th - May 28th

We are looking for as many sponsors as possible! While the synagogue's doors remain closed for the time being, we still need to raise funds to cover the synagogue's expenses. Please take this opportunity to dedicate a class and/or program in honor of, for the refuah shelemah of, for the protection of, or in memory of your loved ones! On behalf of EJSS and the thousands of people learning and growing with our staff every day we thank you! To dedicate a class please email us
We have launched many of our online shiurim via Zoom, and we will also be streaming some classes via Facebook and Instagram Live. To receive notifications about online lectures, please join our WhatsApp Group here .

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