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Sale of Hamess 2019

To have Rabbi Farhi sell your Hamess on your behlaf, click below.

Online Sale of Hamess Forms must be submitted by Thursday, April 18th. 

Please be sure to include the full address of each location where Hamess is to be sold from.

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Shabbat Afternoon Class

What If You Could
Shabbat Afternoon Class 
with Rabbi Shlomo Farhi
Saturday, April 13th, at 5:45 pm

What if you could? There are so many things we could do if we just believed them to be possible. 
Pesah provides a window into seeing your greatest self. The key is to be looking through the right window.

Get here early to grab your seat!
For Men & Women

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Pesah Bulletin 5779

For the synagogue's annual Pesah Bulletin, which includes this year's holiday schedule and a review of selected laws and customs of the holiday click below...

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