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Shabbat Afternoon Class

Perspectives: Seeing Through the Eyes of Another
Shabbat Afternoon Class with Rabbi Shlomo Farhi

Saturday, January 19th, at 3:10 pm

"What you see is what you get." We usually hear those words when a person or thing is exactly what it seems to be. There is an alternate reading of those same words which communicates the fact that our perspectives are as or more important in determining our reality as the actual reality! What can we do to shift #perspective, and get the amazing benefits of seeing through another's eyes? 

Come join us at 3:10 PM this Shabbat to find out! Get here early to grab a seat!
For Men & Women

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Tu BeShebat Seder

Come celebrate the Hag Hallanot, Rosh HaShanah for the Trees, with us in a traditional seder service led by Rabbi Mimoun Miller.

Sunday, January 20th
7pm - 9pm

Please RSVP Here

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Giving the Gift of Warmth

Family Hesed Mission: Winter Care Packages for the Homeless

It's freezing cold outside, and we are keeping warm indoors. Unfortunately, there are so many people who do not have the same priveleges we do. To help share our great fortune, we're making winter care packages for the homeless. This is a project for the entire family, but most importantly to teach our children about the most selfless act of Hesed, one that can never be returned.

We need your help to make these packages happen. Please let us know if you can donate any of the items on our Package Needs List.

Sunday, February 10th
Packing 10:30 am
Delivery 1:30 pm

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