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Young Couples Shabbat Dinner

Meet and mingle with young couples from the community over a delicious Shabbat Dinner!

Friday November 17, 2017
Prayers 4:15pm
Kiddush & Mazza 5:15pm
Dinner 6:15pm

Registration Required

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Weekly Women's Class

Join us for a thought provoking class and a light lunch Monday afternoons with the incredible Mrs. Vivien Hidary. Vivien has been teaching Torah for over 25 years in various institutions in the United States and Israel.

Monday, November 13th at 1:30 pm
Jacob & Esav: Are You My Brother?

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Harpoon: Israel's Secret War Against Terror Financing

Join us for a riveting discussion with Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, Esq, president of the Israel based civil rights organization, Shurat HaDin - Israel Law Center, who has been leading the legal battle against terror financing, the anti-Israel boycott campaigns and combating the multitude of lawfare tactics utilized against the Jewish State by its enemies.

Monday, November 13th - 7pm

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