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Rabbi Farhi is one of the most sought after and charismatic speakers in the UK. A rare blend of intelligence, dynamism and wit, he brings years of study in top yeshivas in Israel (Brisk, the Mir, Jerusalem Kollel), together with an insightful understanding of the issues that young Jewish people face today.

Parshat Bo 5780

The Jewish People complain that they are hungry and thirsty. G-d addresses their problems: To quench their thirst, He gives them water from a rock and to feed their hunger, He gives them quail and manna. Manna was a miraculous sort of mystery food.

Parshat Shemot 5780

Miriam, the sister of Moses and Aaron, is mentioned only fourteen times in the Hebrew Bible – eleven times in the Torah, only once in the prophets and twice in the Book of Chronicles, and one reference there is probably not to the Miriam in this week’s parashah, but another unknown daughter of an even less known father.