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Jun 2 2020

Sivan 10 5780

Zoom Into The Zone: Shabuot Edition

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Wednesday, May 27, 2020 at 7:00 PM


 Join the Zoom Meeting Here!
 Instagram Live: @ChazakNYC
Facebook Live: @Chazak NYC

We are looking for as many sponsors as possible! 
While the synagogue's doors remain closed for the time being, we still need to raise funds to cover the synagogue's expenses. Please take this opportunity to dedicate a class and/or program in honor of, for the refuah shelemah of, for the protection of, or in memory of your loved ones! On behalf of EJSS and the thousands of people learning and growing with our staff every day we thank you! Please Email Us to Sponsor!

 We have launched many of our online shiurim via Zoom, and we will also be streaming some classes via Facebook and Instagram Live. To receive notifications about online lectures, please join our WhatsApp Group here.

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